Check List 14(4): 657-663, doi: 10.15560/14.4.657
The eastern Nearctic species Rasvena terna (Frison, 1942) (Plecoptera, Chloroperlidae)
expand article infoScott A. Grubbs, Mwenda M. Singai
‡ Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, United States of America
Open Access

New and prior valid records of the endemic eastern Nearctic species Rasvena terna (Frison, 1942) were compiled and a dot distribution map is provided. Rasvena terna is reported from Canada (Quebec) for the first time. External reproductive morphology of adult males and adult females were studied across this species range. Scanning electron microscopy images of reproductive structures and the larval mandible are presented for the first time.

Biogeography; United States; Canada; Appalachian Mountains