Check List 14(2): 419-423, doi: 10.15560/14.2.419
First record of the Woodland Blue Worm Octolasion cyaneum (Savigny, 1826) (Lumbricina, Lumbricidae) in the Colombian Andes
expand article infoEsteban Tulande-M., Patricia Pinzón-Garcia, Alexander Feijoo-M.§, José Ignacio Barrera-Cataño
‡ Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, Colombia§ Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira, Pereira, Colombia
Open Access
In South America, the European epi-endogeic lumbricid Octolasion cyaneum (Savigny, 1826) is known from Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, and Ecuador. Here, we report this earthworm from Colombia for the first time. We found it in areas undergoing ecologic restoration in the Neusa Forest Reservoir, which is located in the department of Cundinamarca. Predominant vegetation in sampled areas is composed of Holcus lanatus, Hypochaeris radicata, and Anthoxanthum odorathum
Oligochaeta; invasive species; grassland; Neotropical montane forest; restoration ecology