Check List 13(6): 1121-1124, doi: 10.15560/13.6.1121
Crossocheilus obscurus Tan & Kottelat, 2009 (Teleostei, Cyprinidae): distribution extension and first record for Musi basin, South Sumatra, Indonesia
expand article infoMuhammad Iqbal, Indra Yustian§, Winda Indriati, Doni Setiawan§, Arum Setiawan§
‡ Sriwijaya University, Palembang, Indonesia§ Sriwijaya University, Indralaya, Indonesia
Open Access
Crossocheilus obscurus is a little known cyprinid fish which was first described in 2009 in the Batang Hari basin (West Sumatra province, Indonesia), with no additional published information since that time. In April 2016, C. obscurus was observed and photographed in the Musi basin (South Sumatra province). The identification of this species confirms its presence in a new river basin, more than 250 km south from its type locality.
Endemism; freshwater; cyprinid