Check List 13(6): 1037-1053, doi: 10.15560/13.6.1037
Phytodiversity of Barail Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam, India: field‑based observations—I. Trees and lianas
expand article infoArpita Bora, Debjyoti Bhattacharyya§
‡ Assam University, Silchar , India§ Assam University, Plant Taxonomy and Biosystematics Laboratory, Silchar, India
Open Access
Trees and lianas were inventorized in Barail Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam, India, which revealed the occurrence of 112 and 23 species of trees and lianas respectively. Two separate lists, one for trees and other for lianas, of all the enumerated taxa are presented here with their vernacular names, phenology, places of occurrence and collection number(s). Threat status of each taxon according to IUCN Red List categories is also provided. Anthropogenic activities and other natural calamities are causing serious threats particularly to the tree diversity of the sanctuary. In addition, destruction of one tree may eradicate many lianas from a particular area. Thus, many species of trees and lianas are under alarming threat in the sanctuary. Conservation through in situ and ex situ modi operandi is recommended.
Arboreal angiosperms; Barak Valley; biodiversity; Cachar; species inventory; woody climbers