Check List 13(6): 845-847, doi: 10.15560/13.6.845
First record of Epophthalmia vittata Burmeister, 1839 (Insecta, Odonata, Anisoptera) from Dhaka, Bangladesh
expand article infoGouranga Kumar Biswas, Amit Kumer Neogi, Aaratrik Pal§
‡ Jagannath University, Dhaka, Bangladesh§ University of North Bengal, Darjeeling, India
Open Access
We report Epophthalmia vittata Burmeister, 1839 (Odonata, Anisoptera, Macromiidae) from Bangladesh for the first time, based on a specimen collected on 27 May 2016 in the National Botanical Garden, Dhaka. This is first record of any species of the family Macromiidae from Bangladesh. This new record exemplifies gaps in sampling for dragonflies in Bangladesh and suggests that additional research on odonates in the country is needed.
Dragonfly; Macromiidae; new record; geographic range extension