Check List 13(6): 783-788, doi: 10.15560/13.6.783
Range extensions of two species of Odontophorus (Galliformes, Odontophoridae) in the Eastern Colombian Andes
expand article infoGerson Peñuela-Díaz, Berta Helena Calonge-Camargo, Hernán Aristizabal§, Juan E. Carvajal‑Cogollo|
‡ BIO Medio ambiente y desarrollo sostenible S.A.S., Boyacá, Colombia§ eQual Consultoría y Servicios Ambientales, Bogotá, Colombia| Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia
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Odontophorus hyperythrus Gould, 1858 and Odontophorus strophium (Gould, 1844) are endemic to Colombia. The species O. hyperythrus is distributed on both the slopes of the Western and Central Andes, and in the southern part of the Eastern Andes’ eastern slope, in the Huila, Cauca, and Caquetá departments. O. strophium is distributed on the western slope of the Eastern Andes, in the Santander and Cundinamarca departments. This study reports new records of the two species in the Odontophorus genus in the Boyacá department, which represents an extension if its distribution range.
Distribution; Boyacá; Odontophorus hyperythrus; O. strophium; Gorgeted Wood-Quail; Chestnut Wood-Quail