Check List 13(5): 605-620, doi: 10.15560/13.5.605
First records of water scavenger beetle species (Coleoptera, Hydrophilidae) from Quindío Department, Colombia
expand article infoLiza M. Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Andrea L. García-Hernández, Bruno Clarkson§
‡ Universidad del Quindío, Quindío, Colombia§ Universidade do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Open Access
A list of species of Hydrophilidae from Quindío Department, Colombia is presented. This list is based on recently collected specimens, a survey of data from the literature, and specimens deposited in the Colección de Insectos de la
Universidad del Quindío (CIUQ). Twenty-three species, including 16 new records from Colombia, are listed. Information about biology of each species and a checklist of the overall Colombian species are given.
Aquatic beetles; checklist; new records; range extension; Neotropics; South America