Check List 13(4): 355-361, doi: 10.15560/13.4.355
First record of the De Vivo’s Disk-winged Bat, Thyroptera devivoi Gregorin, Gonçalves, Lim & Engstrom, 2006 (Chiroptera, Thyropteridae), from Colombia, with comments about the record of Thyroptera lavali Pine, 1993 from the country
expand article infoMiguel Rodriguez-Posada, Camilo Fernández-Rodríguez, Darwin Morales-Martínez, María Calderón-Capote
‡ Fundación Reserva Natural La Palmita, Bogotá, Colombia
Open Access
We report the first record of Thyroptera devivoi from Colombia in a palm swamp of Mauritia flexuosa in an aeolian seasonally flooded savanna ecosystem. This record is the seventh specimen and the fifth locality known for T. devivoi and extends the known distribution of the species 1250 km northwest from nearest locality in Guyana. We revised the specimen that was previously reported as voucher material of Thyroptera lavali from Colombia, but it matches in all characters with Thyroptera tricolor. We considered the presence of T. lavali in Colombia uncertain.
Neotropical flooded savannas, gallery forest, geographic distribution, range extension