Check List 14(1): 267-275, doi: 10.15560/14.1.267
Filling distribution gaps of a little-known endemic species, Rojasianthe superba Standl. & Steyerm. (Asteraceae) in northern Central America
expand article infoBárbara I. Escobar-Anleu§, Juan M. Quiñónez-Guzmán|, José M. Mora
‡ Universidad Nacional, Heredia, Costa Rica§ Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala, Guatemala, Guatemala| Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala, Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala¶ Universidad Técnica Nacional, Alajuela, Costa Rica
Open Access

Rojasianthe superba Standl. & Steyerm. (Asteraceae) is an endemic species, limited to a few localities in Mexico and Guatemala. Here we report a new occurrence point at a departmental scale in Guatemala; it also extends its known distribution by 40 km to the northeast. We ran species distribution models (SDM) to evaluate the potential spatial distribution of the species. Rojasianthe superba has a higher probability of occurrence in the country highlands and also a high probability of extending its range in the volcanic chain, where it has been found in some isolated sites. Elevation was the most important variable explaining this potential distribution. These high altitude montane forests where R. superba occurs have been identified as endemism sites for different taxa in Guatemala.

Chimaltenango; Guatemala; montane forests, Neotropics; new record; Volcanic Chain