Check List 13(4): 349-353, doi: 10.15560/13.4.349
New records of a poorly studied mayfly species, Eurylophella karelica Tiensuu, 1935 (Ephemeroptera, Ephemerellidae), in the Baltic Ecoregion
expand article infoDāvis Ozoliņš, Jolanta Jēkabsone, Agnija Skuja, Henn Timm§
‡ University of Latvia, Salaspils, Latvia§ Estonian University of Life Sciences, Tartumaa, Estonia
Open Access
Eurylophella karelica is a rare and poorly investigated species of European Ephemeroptera from the family Ephemerellidae. From the 1930s to 1970s, E. karelica has not been reported from historical localities in Karelia, Lithuania and Poland. New localities from Hungary, Slovenia and Lithuania are discovered over the last 2 decades. This article reports first findings of E. karelica in Latvia and Estonia and explains sporadic distribution of this species.
Ephemerellidae; new localities; Latvia; Estonia