Check List 13(4): 261-265, doi: 10.15560/13.4.261
The Largetooth Sawfish, Pristis pristis (Linnaeus, 1758), is not extirpated from Peru: new records from Tumbes
expand article infoAlejandra Mendoza, Shaleyla Kelez, Wilmer Gonzales Cherres§, Rossana Maguiño
‡ ecOceánica, Lima, Peru§ Asociacion de Pescadores Artesanales para Consumo Humano Directo de La Cruz, Tumbes, Peru
Open Access
The Largetooth Sawfish, Pristis pristis, was for a long time considered extirpated from Peru. However, here we report the capture of 2 individuals from the north coast of Peru, indicating that this species is still extant in Peruvian waters. Both individuals were adult-sized and their encounters occurred during the austral summer, which could indicate a seasonal presence in those waters. Gillnets are still a major threat for the species as both specimens were incidentally captured with this gear. Our finding highlights the need for continuous research, awareness, and legal protection of this species.
Tropical Eastern Pacific; bycatch; Pristidae; northern Peru; critically endangered species