Check List 13(3): e19755, doi: 10.15560/13.3.2154
Community structure of Coleoptera in Bethuadahari Wildlife Sanctuary, West Bengal, India
expand article infoParamita Basu, Gautam Aditya§, A. K. Sanyal
‡ Zoological Survey of India, India§ University of Calcutta, India
Open Access
We focused on the coleopteran species assemblage in a tropical deciduous forest in the Bethuadahari Wildlife Sanctuary, West Bengal, India. During a 2-year survey, we collected 56 species belonging to 13 families of Coleoptera, in varying relative abundance. Among the species, 15 belong to the family Chrysomelidae, nine to the Staphyllinidae, and four to the Coccinellidae. Our results substantiate the importance of the Bethuadahari Wildlife Sanctuary for the conservation of coleopteran insects.
species assemblage; species inventory; Insecta