Check List 13(3): e19754, doi: 10.15560/13.3.2153
Gymnophthalmus underwoodi Grant, 1958 (Reptilia: Gymnophthalmidae), a new record for the island of Montserrat
expand article infoSarah J. Snyder, Robert E. Schmidt, Erin R. McMullin, Bryce F. Parker, Hannah Lee Ferus
‡ Bard College at Simon's Rock, United States of America
Open Access
Two species of gymnophthalmids are known to inhabit islands in the West Indies, the unisexual Gymnophthalmus underwoodi Grant, 1958 and the bisexual G. pleii Bocourt, 1881, but neither has been previously recorded on Montserrat. Small microteiid lizards were observed between 2008 and 2016 at 5 locations on Montserrat. Scale counts and mitochondrial 16S rDNA sequences of specimens confirmed them to be G. underwoodi. The widespread distribution of this ninth lizard species on Montserrat suggests that it has gone undetected for some time or has rapidly colonized the island.
Caribbean; Lesser Antilles; Microteiid; Smooth-scaled Worm Lizard; Underwood’s Spectacled Tegu; West Indies