Check List 13(3): e19748, doi: 10.15560/13.3.2147
First record of Carangoides otrynter (Jordan & Gillbert, 1883) (Perciformes: Carangidae) in Pacasmayo, northern Peru
expand article infoAndrea A. Jiménez, Luis A. De Lucio, Amado A. Solano, Luis O. Escudero, Cinthia E. Vasquez
‡ Instituto del Mar del Perú (IMARPE), Peru
Open Access
The Threadfin Jack (Carangoides otrynter) is re­corded for the first time in the port of Pacasmayo, northern Peru (07°26′18″ S, 079°35′02″ W), based on specimens caught on 22 January 2016 by artisanal fishers. The biometric characteristics of two specimens are 26 and 21 cm total length and 281.82 and 168.12 g total weight, respectively. The presence of this species in the area could be associated with the entry of a Kelvin wave during the El Niño-Southern Oscillation event.
Threadfin Jack; biometric; El Niño Oscillation (ENSO); Kelvin wave