Check List 13(2): e19694, doi: 10.15560/13.2.2092
New records of marine eels (Teleostei: Anguilliformes) from Brazilian waters
expand article infoAlfredo Carvalho Filho, Maria Isabel G. Paiva§
‡ FishBizz Ltd., Brazil§ TAMAR PROJECT, Brazil
Open Access
Two species of different families belonging to the order Anguilliformes have their ranges extended in the southwestern Atlantic: the chlopsid Chlopsis dentatus (Seale, 1917) from Rio de Janeiro and the muraenid Gymnothorax maderensis (Johnson, 1862) from Bahia.  The new records extend the distribution of these species south along the Brazilian coastline.  Morphometric data of the specimens are provided and compared to data from the literature.
Southwestern Atlantic; Chlopsidae; Muraenidae; Chlopsis dentatus; Gymnothorax maderensis; range extension