Check List 12(6): e19619, doi: 10.15560/12.6.2017
New records of bird species from Ilha Grande, state of Rio de Janeiro, southeastern Brazil
expand article infoMaria Alice S. Alves, Maurício Brandão Vecchi, Luis Martin Vallejos, Edvandro de Abreu Ribeiro, Jimi Martins-Silva, Rafael de Sant’Ana Saint Clair
‡ Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Open Access
We add 32 new records of species to the existing checklist of birds of the coastal island of Ilha Grande, state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Notably, seven of these species are endemic to the Atlantic Forest. Sporophila falcirostris is globally Vulnerable and Haematopus palliatus is Near Threatened in Brazil. We also report the second record of Agelaioides badius from Rio de Janeiro state. We also compare our species list with lists of birds of Ilhabela and Anchieta islands. While some of the newly recorded species are probably non-resident to Ilha Grande or represent range expansions, most species occur in Rio de Janeiro throughout the year. Thus, our records may be a consequence of the surveying new sites on the island but also recent colonization. Our study increases the number of bird species known to occur on Ilha Grande from 222 to 254, which is one-third of the species reported from Rio de Janeiro state. We recorded 13 species threatened by extinction at regional, national or global levels.
Agelaioides badius; Angra dos Reis; Atlantic Forest; avian fauna; conservation; Grayish Baywing; coastal island