Check List 12(6): e19615, doi: 10.15560/12.6.2013
Newly recorded and rare Desmidiales (Charophyta: Conjugatophyceae) from the Middle Urals, Russia
expand article infoAndrey S. Shakhmatov
‡ Ural Federal University, Russia
Open Access
New disributional data on 14 previously unrecorded or rare species and varieties of algae belonging to Closteriaceae, Desmidiaceae, Gonatozygaceae and Peni­aceae (order Desmidiales) are presented for the Middle Urals. Closterium cornu Ehrenberg ex Ralfs, Closterium macilentum Brébisson, Closterium navicula (Brébisson) Lütkemüller, and Cosmarium crenulatum Nägeli are newly recorded to the Urals. A brief description, including measurements of cells as well as regional and global distribution, is given for each taxon.
Conjugatophyceae; Desmidiales; new records; Middle Urals; Russia