Check List 12(6): e19612, doi: 10.15560/12.6.2010
New records of marine ornamental shrimps (Decapoda: Stenopodidea and Caridea) from the Gulf of Mannar, Tamil Nadu, India
expand article infoSanjeevi Prakash, Thipramalai Thangappan Ajith Kumar§, Thanumalaya Subramoniam|
‡ Clemson University, United States of America§ National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources, India| Sathyabama University, India
Open Access
Marine ornamental shrimps found in tropical coral reef waters are widely recognized for the aquarium trade. Our survey of ornamental shrimps in the Gulf of Mannar, Tamil Nadu (India) has found three species, which we identify as Stenopus hispidus Olivier, 1811, Lysmata debelius Bruce, 1983, and L. amboinensis De Man, 1888, based on morphology and color pattern. These shrimps are recorded for the first time in Gulf of Mannar, Tamil Nadu. Detailed information, including the description of specimens, habitat and distribution, is provided. 
Stenopus; Lysmata; aquarium trade; distribution