Check List 12(5): e19565, doi: 10.15560/12.5.1963
First record of the Whistling Heron, Syrigma sibilatrix (Temminck, 1824) (Aves: Ardeidae) in Costa Rica
expand article infoJesús Alfaro-Rodríguez, Marta Venegas-Vargas
‡ Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, Costa Rica
Open Access
We present the first record of Whistling Heron, Syrigma sibilatrix,for Costa Rica, a species considered restricted to South America. An individual was observed foraging in a soccer field at Manzanillo, Limon province, Costa Rica. This sighting represents the northernmost record of its distribution range.
new avian record; Central America; Limon Province; Manzanillo