Check List 12(5): e19561, doi: 10.15560/12.5.1959
Recent benthic foraminifera from the Itaipu Lagoon, Rio de Janeiro (southeastern Brazil)
expand article infoDébora Raposo, Vanessa Laut§, Iara Clemente|, Virginia Martins|, Fabrizio Frontalini, Frederico Silva#, Maria Lúcia Lorini¤, Rafael Fortes¤, Lazaro Laut¤
‡ Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro - Unirio, Brazil§ Universidade Federal Fluminense – UFF, Brazil| Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro – UERJ, Brazil¶ Università degli Studi di Urbino "Carlo Bo", Italy# Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ, Brazil¤ Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro – UNIRIO, Brazil
Open Access
Itaipu Lagoon is located near the mouth of Guanabara Bay and has great importance for recreation to the city of Niterói, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil. Several studies have documented foraminiferan diversity at Guanabara Bay, but none in Itaipu Lagoon. Therefore, this study lists and provides images of foraminiferal species collected from Itaipu Lagoon. A total of 35 species belonging to 23 genera were collected, grouped in 17 families and four orders. Ammonia tepida was the species with the highest occurrence. This study represents a baseline work for future investigations.
benthic foraminifera; biodiversity; paleoecology; Guanabara Bay