Check List 12(4): e19535, doi: 10.15560/12.4.1933
Cosmopolitan landhopper Talitroides topitotum (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Talitridae) in Java, Indonesia
expand article infoMikhail E. Daneliya, Daisy Wowor§
‡ University of Helsinki Taxonomicum, Finland§ Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Indonesia
Open Access
The native land and freshwater amphipod fauna of Indonesia is little known. Meanwhile, the readily human-dispersed talitrid amphipod Talitroides topitotum (Burt, 1934), reported to have displaced native landhoppers in certain parts of the world, is found for the first time in the Indonesian Archipelago. Specimens were collected in a small drainage channel in the Cibodas Botanical Gargens, Java. The material is described in detail and illustrated herein.
invasive species; Oriental Region; West Java; morphology