Check List 12(4): e19529, doi: 10.15560/12.4.1927
Second documented record of the Rufous-fronted Antthrush, Formicarius rufifrons (Aves: Formicariidae), in Brazil
expand article infoTomaz Nascimento de Melo, Carlos Otávio Araujo Gussoni§, Rogério Carlos Machado, Helbert Eduardo Noventa
‡ Museu da Amazônia, Brazil§ Universidade Estadual Paulista “Júlio de Mesquita Filho”, Brazil
Open Access
We present the second documented record of the Rufous-fronted Antthrush Formicarius rufifrons Blake, 1957 in Brazil. The record was made in Ramal do Riozinho do Rola, 45 km north of Rio Branco municipality, Acre state. The recordings were deposited in the archives of Xeno-canto and Wikiaves. Our record represents a distribution extension of 247 km northeast of the closest known location.
Southwest Amazon; Acre; Formicariidae; Inambari; range extension