Check List 12(3): e19485, doi: 10.15560/12.3.1883
Amphisbaena trachura Cope, 1885 (Amphisbaenia: Amphisbaenidae): new record for the northeast of Argentina
expand article infoJosé A. Ruiz-García, Lucila M. Curi, Matías F. Lamas, Jorge Abel Céspedez
‡ Universidad Nacional del Nordeste, Argentina
Open Access
We present a new record of Amphisbaena trachura (Squamata: Amphisbaenidae) for the northeast of Corrientes province, Argentina. Seven specimens (five females and two males) were identified using morphological and meristic characters. The specimens were found under Eucalyptus sp. logs on 6 December 2014 and 3 March 2015, in General Alvear Department, Corrientes.
Corrientes province; amphisbaenians; Squamata