Check List 12(2): e19460, doi: 10.15560/12.2.1858
Butterfly diversity in Kolkata metropolis: a synoptic check list
expand article infoSwarnali Mukherjee, Gautum Aditya§, Parthiba Basu, Goutam K. Saha
‡ University of Calcutta, India§ University of Calcutta University of Burdwan, India
Open Access
Butterflies are considered charismatic species for conservation planning as well as environmental monitoring and management. In this study, we assessed the richness of butterfly and associated plant species in Kolkata, India to provide baseline information on the extent of species diversity and prospective use in urban planning and conservation. In association with 39 different herbs and shrubs, at least 54 species of butterflies, belonging to five families, were found in urban habitats of Kolkata. Variations in the diversity indices of the butterfly and plant were observed over the months with highest values in the summer and postmonsoon period and low in the winter months. Butterfly association with the host plants reflected the ascendancy of generalist species in the study area. The network of butterfly and the host plant may be explored further to facilitate the conservation of butterfly and sustain the environmental quality of Kolkata, India
Lepidoptera; species diversity; conservation