Check List 12(1): e19425, doi: 10.15560/12.1.1823
Checklist of periphytic diatoms in streams of the Pirapó River basin, Paraná state, Brazil
expand article infoCarina Moresco, Liliana Rodrigues§
‡ CEI - Centro Educacional Integrado, Brazil§ Universidade Estadual de Maringá, Brazil
Open Access
In lotic environments, diatoms have high richness and represent important elements of biodiversity and genetic resources of these sites. Given the impacts caused by urbanization and agriculture on streams and the responses of the periphytic diatom community, this study aims to provide a checklist of epilithic diatoms in two streams: one located in an urban area and the other in rural area. Bimonthly samples were taken along the longitudinal gradient of streams (headwaters, middle and mouth) from July 2007 through August 2008. Permanent slides were deposited in the Herbarium of the State University of Maringá. In the rural stream, we identified 124 species belonging to 47 genera and 26 families and in the urban stream, 79 species belonging to 34 genera and 20 families. The streams had 68 taxa in common. In both streams, the most representative family was Naviculaceae.
Bacillariophyceae; algae; urban stream; epilithon; water quality; bioindicator