Check List 11(6): e19411, doi: 10.15560/11.6.1809
An updated checklist of Chondrichthyes from the southeast Pacific off Peru
expand article infoRodolfo Cornejo, Ximena Vélez-Zuazo§, Adriana González-Pestana|, Carlos Kouri J., Gonzalo Mucientes#
‡ Instituto del Mar del Perú Universidad Científica del Sur, Peru§ ecOceánica (Peru) Center for Conservation and Sustainability, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, United States of America| ecOceánica Universidad Científica del Sur, Peru¶ ecOceánica, Peru# Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas (Spain) Centro de Investigacão em Biodiversidade e Recursos Genéticos, Portugal
Open Access
The first updated and comprehensive checklist of Chondrichthyes from the southeast Pacific off Peru, based on the revision of scientific literature, is presented. The group of Chondrichthyes in the Peruvian coast is composed of 115 species that include 66 species of sharks, 43 species of batoids, and six species of chimaeras. We present nine new records and one recent discovery obtained from secondary sources. For some species, we also compiled the extensions in the geographic distributions. 
sharks; batoids; chimaeras; Peru; Southeast Pacific