Check List 11(6): e19407, doi: 10.15560/11.6.1805
Checklist of plants of Rashad and Alabassia localities (eastern Nuba Mountains), South Kordofan Sudan
expand article infoIsmail Mirghani Ismail, Alawia Abdalla Elawad§
‡ Agricultural Research Corporation, Forestry Research Centre, Sudan§ AlNeelain University, Sudan
Open Access
This study identifies and documents species of the native flora the low rainfall woodland savanna of Rashad and Alabassia localities (eastern Nuba Mountains), Sudan. This study identified 260 species belonging to 176 genera and 59 families, including five new records to the flora of the Sudan. The flora is comprised of a variety of different life-forms. Most are phanerophytes 40%, therophytes 35%, and chamaephytes 21%; the remaining are geophytes, hydrophytes, hemicryptophytes and epi­phytes. The majority of the plant species have im­portant economic uses.
flora; vegetation of Sudan; biodiversity; lifeforms; economic uses.