Check List 11(6): e19402, doi: 10.15560/11.6.1800
Squamate reptiles from Mauá Hydroelectric Power Plant, state of Paraná, southern Brazil
expand article infoGilberto Alves de Souza Filho, Fernanda Stender de Oliveira§
‡ Hori Consultoria Ambiental, Brazil§ Sociedade da Água Serviços Ambientais e Engenharia, Brazil
Open Access
The reptile fauna of some localities in Paraná is still poorly known. Most surveys were conducted in the central-north, central-south, and eastern regions of the state. Herein, we present a list of squamate reptiles from the Mauá Hydroelectric Power Plant along the Tibagi River, in the central-east region of Paraná. Samplings occurred from March 2010 to April 2015. We recorded 34 species: 24 snakes, eight lizards, and two amphisbaenians. Our work adds new knowledge about the reptilian fauna of the central-east region of Paraná.
Reptilia; Squamata; Atlantic Forest; central-east Paraná; Tibagi River