Check List 11(5): e19380, doi: 10.15560/11.5.1781
Rapid survey of ichthyofauna from rivers and streams of coastal hydrographic regions of Santa Catarina state, Brazil
expand article infoVitor Pimenta Abrahão, Alexander Claro-García, Lenice Souza-Shibatta, Oscar Akio Shibatta
‡ Universidade Estadual de Londrina, Brazil
Open Access
The lack of knowledge on the distribution and taxonomy of ichthyofauna from coastal Atlantic Rainforest of Santa Catarina state, Brazil, is noteworthy. This study presents a rapid but comprehensive survey of fish species from the coastal hydrographic regions of Santa Catarina. The samples were conducted in October 2012, in 19 sampling sites of five hydrographic regions, using sieves, seine nets, and throw nets. A total of 1,878 individuals belonging to 51 species distributed in 16 families are reported; four freshwater fish species represent distribution novelties for the region. The families Characidae and Loricariidae were predominant, mainly due to the abundance of Astyanax sp., Mimagoniates microlepis, Epactionotus itaimbezinho, and Pareiorhaphis stomias. Therefore, this study provides important contributions to the knowledge of the freshwater fishes from the studied area.
taxonomy; Atlantic Forest; freshwater fishes