Check List 11(5): e19378, doi: 10.15560/11.5.1779
Flora from the restingas of Santa Isabel Biological Reserve, northern coast of Sergipe state, Brazil
expand article infoEduardo Vinícius da Silva Oliveira, Elânia dos Santos Ferreira Sobrinho, Myrna Friederichs Landim
‡ Universidade Federal de Sergipe, Brazil
Open Access
The current study presents a list of angiosperm species collected in restinga areas of Santa Isabel Biological Reserve, in the northern coast of Sergipe state. We gathered a preliminary floristic list using herbarium records, and subsequently supplemented it by performing new field samplings. The results showed considerable richness and comprised 260 species, 184 genera and 78 families. Forty-seven out of the 260 species are new records to Sergipe restingas. Fabaceae (28 species), Cyperaceae (21 species) and Rubiaceae and Poaceae (12 species) were the most representative families. Rhynchospora Vahl (six species), Polygala L. (five species) and Byrsonima Rich.ex Kunth, Cuphea P.Browne, Cyperus L. and Utricularia L. (four pecies) were the most speciose genera. The herbs were the most frequent habit (122 species or 47% of the total).
conservation units; coastal plain; floristic inventory