Check List 11(5): e19362, doi: 10.15560/11.5.1763
New record and distribution map of Parmotrema rubifaciens (Parmeliaceae, Ascomycota) in the Neotropics
expand article infoSilvia Andrea Michlig, María Pía Rodriguez, Lidia Itatí Ferraro§
‡ Instituto de Botánica del Nordeste (IBONE-UNNE-CONICET), Argentina§ stituto de Botánica del Nordeste (IBONE-UNNE-CONICET),
Open Access
Parmotrema rubifaciens is recorded in this paper for the first time for Paraguay, expanding its known geographic distribution approximately 430 km southeast from its nearest locality. The species is characterized, illustrated, and compared with most related taxa. In addition, a map of its geographic distribution in the Neotropics is presented.
Paraguay; Agua Dulce; norstictic acid; dry forests; Parmotrema cristiferum; P. dilatatum; P. gardneri