Check List 11(5): e19360, doi: 10.15560/11.5.1761
New records of bat flies (Diptera, Streblidae and Nycteribiidae) in Cerrado of Central Brazil
expand article infoDaniel Figueiredo, Gustavo Graciolli§, Ludmilla Moura de Souza Aguiar
‡ Universidade de Brasília, Brazil§ Universidade Federal do Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil
Open Access
Here we record the occurrence of 38 species, including 30 species of Streblidae and eight species of Nycteribiidae. Of these, 12 are new records for the Distrito Federal, three are new for the Cerrado, and one, Trichobius johnsonae Wenzel, 1966 is the first record from Brazil. We also recorded a yet undescribed species of Basilia from the district.
Brasília; Chiroptera; Distrito Federal; Hippoboscoidea; Trichobius johnsonae