Check List 11(4): e19297, doi: 10.15560/11.4.1698
Nothoaspis reddelli Keirans & Clifford, 1975 (Acari, Ixodida, Argasidae): distribution extension
expand article infoJosé M. Venzal, Ligia V Hernández§, Marcelo B. Labruna|, Santiago Nava
‡ Universidad de la República, Uruguay§ Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua, Nicaragua| Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil¶ Estación Experimental Agropecuaria Rafaela, Argentina
Open Access
The first record of Nothoaspis reddelli (nymph) in Nicaragua is presented. The morphological characters used for the determination were dorsum with a false shield or nothoaspis, presence of an anteriorly projecting hood covering half of the capitulum, medial extension of palpal article I (flaps), presence of two large setae on internal margins of flaps, leg coxae with numerous long setae, and hypostome long and pointed with apical dentition 4/4. The 16S rDNA sequence of N. reddelli from Nicaragua was identical to the 16S sequence of N. reddelli from Mexico. 
Ixodida; Argasidae; Nicaragua