Check List 11(3): e19256, doi: 10.15560/11.3.1658
Reptile checklist of Río Pilcomayo National Park, Formosa, Argentina
expand article infoPaula Daniela Cano, Héctor Alejandro Ball, Matías Federico Carpinetto, Germán Darío Peña
‡ Administración de Parques Nacionales, Argentina
Open Access
The present study reports a qualitative survey of the reptiles present in Río Pilcomayo National Park in Formosa, Argentina. A total of 30 reptile species were recorded between June 2009 and June 2011. Here we provide a checklist that includes relative species abundance, the different habitats present in the national park as well as the national conservation category for each species. In addition, 12 other reptile species cited in the literature for this area are included in the checklist. This study provides baseline information for future research in the park.
reptiles, national park, Formosa