Check List 11(3): e19249, doi: 10.15560/11.3.1651
First record of two species of Gorgonidia Dyar, 1898 (Lepidoptera: Erebidae: Arctiinae) from Brazil
expand article infoJosé Augusto Teston, Margarida Pereira de Freitas
‡ Universidade Federal do Oeste do Pará, Brazil
Open Access
This note reports the first record of Gorgonidia vulcania Toulgoët, 1987 and G. whitfordi (Rothschild, 1909) (Lepidoptera: Erebidae: Arctiinae) in Brazil. The specimens were found in the Tapajós National Forest, Pará state, Eastern Amazon. The distribution of G. vulcania is enlarged 870 km south of its type locality; and the distribution of G. whitfordi is enlarged 820 km south of the nearest previously known record for the species.
Noctuoidea; Arctiini; Phaegopterina; tiger-moths; Neotropics