Check List 11(3): e19230, doi: 10.15560/11.3.1632
Bibimys labiosus Winge, 1887 (Mammalia: Rodentia: Sigmodontinae): new records in Paraná state, southern Brazil, and update of the known geographic distribution
expand article infoGuilherme Grazzini, Josias Alan Rezini, Beatrice Stein Boraschi dos Santos, Fernando José Venâncio, Fernanda Gatto-Almeida§, Ives José Sbalqueiro|, Iris Hass|, Liliani Marilia Tiepolo§
‡ Hori Consultoria Ambiental, Brazil§ UFPR, Laboratório de Biodiversidade e Conservação, Brazil| UFPR, Laboratório de Citogenética Animal, Brazil
Open Access
Bibimys is a genus still poorly known in its basic aspects, such as systematics, natural history and geographic distribution. In Brazil, only Bibimys labiosus is recorded, with occasional records spread in time and space. This paper presents four new localities of the species in Araucaria Forest, Paraná state, extending its distribution 150 km southwards. Additionally, a map of the known distribution of the species in Brazil and in Araucaria Forest is provided. The records point toward the lack of knowledge about basic aspects of the small non-flying mammal fauna in the plateau regions of Brazil.
Southern Brazil; Araucaria Forest; Akodontini