Check List 11(2): e19200, doi: 10.15560/11.2.1602
Angiosperm diversity of the Great Indian Bustard Wildlife Sanctuary: a semi-arid grassland, Maharashtra, India
expand article infoJayanthi Janakiraman, Jeewan Singh Jalal
‡ Botanical Survey of India, India
Open Access
The Great Indian Bustard Wildlife sanctuary is a semi-arid grassland ecosystem spread over an area of 1,222 km2 in the Solapur and Ahmednagar districts of Maharashtra, India. It is an abode of the critically endangered bird, the Great Indian Bustard. A total of 436 plants belonging to 259 genera and 67 families are reported in the present study from the sanctuary, including 22 endemic taxa. Grasses form one of the dominant components of the ecosystem and are represented by about 67 species. The sanctuary is facing severe habitat loss and degradation, posing a threat to its biodiversity. This paper provides a comprehensive documentation of the floristic diversity of the sanctuary. Threats and conservation measures are also discussed. 
inventory; floristics; Nannaj; protected area; Solapur