Check List 11(2): e19192, doi: 10.15560/11.2.1594
Fritziana aff. fissilis (Miranda-Ribeiro, 1920) (Anura, Hemiphractidae): the first hemiphractid for the state of Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil
expand article infoIsmael Franz, Mateus Henrique Mello§
‡ Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul and Universidade Feevale, Brazil§ Universidade Feevale, Brazil
Open Access
The first occurrence of Fritziana aff. fissilis (Miranda-Ribeiro, 1920) in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil, is reported. The records were obtained near the sources of the Rio dos Sinos, municipality of Caraá, and extend the range of the species 140 km south from where it was previously known. The new records also represent the first time a species of the family Hemiphractidae is recorded in the state.
Amphibia; Anurans; Atlantic Forest; Rio dos Sinos