Check List 11(2): e19156, doi: 10.15560/11.2.1558
New record and distribution extension of the rare Atlantic Forest endemic Abrawayaomys ruschii Cunha & Cruz, 1979 (Rodentia, Sigmodontinae)
expand article infoRenan Maestri, Bruno Busnello Kubiak, Daniel Galiano, Thales Renato Ochotorena de Freitas, Jorge Reppold Marinho§
‡ Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil§ Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões, Brazil
Open Access
We recorded three individuals of Abrawayaomys ruschii Cunha & Cruz, 1979 in Chapecó, Santa Catarina state, expanding the known geographic distribution of the species in approximately 370 km west from its nearest locality. It is the second record of the species in this type of physiognomy, characterized by the transition of Seasonal Deciduous and Mixed Ombrophilous forests. Additionally, this is the closest record, about 200 km east, from the recently described Abrawayaomys chebezi Pardiñas, Teta & D’Elía, 2009.
Abrawayaomys chebezi; Misiones; morphometrics; Santa Catarina