Check List 11(1): e19141, doi: 10.15560/11.1.1543
Geophytes of northern Western Ghats (Sahyadri Ranges) of India: a checklist
expand article infoSayajirao Gaikwad, Ramchandra Gore, Krushnadeoray Garad, Sampatrao Gaikwad§, Ramjan Mulani|
‡ Walchand College of Arts and Science, India§ Shivaji College, India| S.R.T. Marathwada University, India
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The geophytes in the northern Western Ghats are a significant component of the herbaceous flora, both in terms of abundance and diversity, and comprise approximately 10% of plant species. About 186 geophytic taxa were here recorded from northern Western Ghats of India during the present work. Of them, 62 geophytes are known only from northern Western Ghats. At least 22 plant families exhibit this life form. In the study region, geophytes have adapted to a monsoon seasonality. They sprout new foliage with the onset of monsoon rain in June and complete their life cycle in October when monsoon rains halt. Many of them produce flowers during the vegetative growing season but some charismatically flowers in summer season (April–May), often without leaves. A few taxa have abandoned their geophytic habit and grow in seasonal water bodies, and possess leaves without stomata and non-buoyant seeds.
geophytes; diversity; life-forms; endemism; Western Ghats