Check List 11(1): e19131, doi: 10.15560/11.1.1533
First records of the invasive spider Badumna longinqua (L. Koch) (Desidae) in southern Brazil with notes on the habitats and the species’ dispersion
expand article infoMiguel Simó, Álvaro Laborda, Martín Núñez§, Antonio D. Brescovit|
‡ Universidad de la República, Uruguay§ Centro Universitario Rivera, Uruguay| Instituto Butantan, Brazil
Open Access
The invasive species Badumna longinqua and the family Desidae are recorded for the first time for Brazil. The spiders were collected in urban habitats of two cities from the state of Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil. Specimens and their webs were found in public parks, window frames and in a cemetery. The absence of this species along a national highway route and its dispersion in Brazil are discussed.
alien spider; synanthropy; South America; Rio Grande do Sul; Brazil