Check List 11(1): e19093, doi: 10.15560/11.1.1495
Checklist of aphyllophoroid fungi (Agaricomycetes, Basidiomycota) in boreal forests of Pinega Reserve, north-east European Russia
expand article infoOleg Ezhov, Ivan Zmitrovich§
‡ Institute of Ecological Problems of the North of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia§ Komarov Botanical Institute of the North of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Open Access
Herein we present a checklist of aphyllophoroid fungi of the Pinega Reserve, in the territory of North European Russia. We present 328 species from 158 genera in the checklist. Each record includes data on distribution within key reserve localities, the host/substrate association and the frequency pattern. Most findings are documented by herbarium specimens. A predictive estimation of the Pinega Reserve aphyllophoroid diversity, based on Turing coefficient calculation, resulted in an interval of 360–370 species.
Agaricomycetes; aphyllophoroid fungi; Arkhangelsk region, boreal polypores, Pinega Reserve; Polyporales; Russia