Check List 10(6): 1528-1530, doi: 10.15560/10.6.1528
First record of Rineloricaria reisi, R. stellata and R. zaina (Siluriformes: Loricariidae) from the Río Uruguay basin in Argentina
expand article infoAdriana Edith Almiron, Jorge Rafael Casciotta, Lubomir Piálek§, Federico Ruiz Diaz|, Oldrich Říčan§
‡ Museo de La Plata, UNLP, Argentina§ University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic| Universidad Nacional del Nordeste, Argentina
Open Access
Rineloricaria reisi, R. stellata, and R. zaina are registered for the first time in freshwaters of Argentina. These three species were found in the Río Uruguay basin in Misiones Province. As a result of these findings, five species of Rineloricaria are found in the Río Uruguay basin in Argentina. A key of Rineloricaria species from that basin is also provided.
freshwater fishes; biodiversity; catfish; South America