Check List 10(5): 1243-1245, doi: 10.15560/10.5.1243
Chiasmocleis carvalhoi Cruz, Caramaschi & Izecksohn, 1997 (Anura: Microhylidae): distribution extension in São Paulo state, southeastern Brazil, and geographic distribution map
expand article infoAmom Mendes Luiz, Thiago Augusto Pires, José Mário G. Ferrarini§, Ricardo J. Sawaya§
‡ Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil§ Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Brazil
Open Access
Herein, we report new records for Chiasmocleis carvalhoi from southern regions of São Paulo state. We also provided an updated geographic range map and modelled the potential distribution of this species. New records extended the known species distribution about 150 km southwards of the São Paulo state coast. Moreover, the geographic range map of C. carvalhoi and its potential distribution evidenced that the distribution of this species is typical to lowlands forests habitats and reinforce its current endangered conservation status.
Amphibia; Anura; São Paulo state