Check List 10(5): 1237-1242, doi: 10.15560/10.5.1237
New records of interesting corticioid Basidiomycota from Uruguay
expand article infoSebastián Martínez, Karen K. Nakasone§
‡ Laboratorio de Patología Vegetal, Instituto Nacional de Investigación Agropecuaria, Uruguay§ Center for Forest Mycology Research, United States of America
Open Access
Twenty species of corticioid Basidiomycota (Cantharellales, Corticiales, Hymenochaetales, Polyporales, Russulales, Thelephorales) are reported for the first time from Uruguay, extending the known species of this group of fungi to 130 in the country. In addition, Sistotrema biggsiae Hallenb., Peniophora guadelupensis Boidin & Lanq., Phanerochaete cryptocystidiata Nakasone, and Phlebia weldeniana Nakasone & Burds. are new reports for South America. Brief descriptions are provided for Hyphoderma granuliferum P. Roberts, P. guadelupensis, P. cryptocystidiata, Phanerochaete incrustans Parmasto, and Phlebia weldeniana. A key to the known species of Hypochnicium in Uruguay is provided.
Basidiomycota; fungi; diversity