Check List 10(5): 1174-1175, doi: 10.15560/10.5.1174
New record of Porobeltraniella porosa (Piroz. & S.D. Patil) Gusmão, 2004 (Fungi: asexual Ascomycota) for South America
expand article infoRosely Ana Piccolo Grandi, Priscila da Silva
‡ Instituto de Botânica, Centro de Pesquisa em Plantas Avasculares e Fungos, Brazil
Open Access
Porobeltraniella porosa (Piroz. & S.D. Patil) Gusmão is an asexual fungus colonizing leaf litter. Previously known for India, from where it was described, and for Australia and Mexico, now it has been collected for the first time in Brazil, in Ribeirão Preto county, São Paulo State. The characteristics of the Brazilian material are given here and its geographical distribution is expanded to South America.
leaf litter fungus; Ascomycota; Brazil