Check List 10(5): 976-996, doi: 10.15560/10.5.976
A quantitative checklist of woody angiosperm diversity,population structure and habitat grouping in Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary of Tripura, northeast India
expand article infoKoushik Majumdar, B. K. Datta
‡ Tripura University, India
Open Access
A quantitative vegetation inventory was conducted in Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary of Tripura, Northeast India. Twenty five 500×10 m belt transects were used to record diversity and population structure of woody angiosperms. Overall 289 species belonging to 158 genera and 64 families were recorded at ≥10 cm GBH (Girth at Breast Height). Moraceae (25 spp.), Phyllanthaceae (21 spp.), Leguminosae (21 spp.), Euphorbiaceae (15 spp.), and Rubiaceae (14 spp.) were the top five families with highest species diversity. Habit wise, 226 species were trees, 25 woody shrubs, 23 woody climbers, 6 bamboos, 6 rattan and 3 palm species. Shannon–Wiener diversity index values ranged between 1.42–4.25, and Simpson dominance index ranged between 0.02–0.42. Mean species richness index was 2.83 and species evenness index was 0.78. The present quantitative checklist indicates the potential plant resources of the sanctuary which can be used for future biodiversity inventories and species conservation.
angiosperms; trees