Check List 10(3): 609-614, doi: 10.15560/10.3.609
Interesting shipworm (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Teredinidae) records from India
expand article infoM. V. Rao, A. V. Pachu, M. Balaji
‡ Institute of Wood Science and Technology, India
Open Access
In a survey on the occurrence of marine wood boring organisms at Chippada-Rambilli, Visakhapatnam-Bhimunipatnam and Soralgondi-Nachugunta coastal stretches along Bay of Bengal on the east coast of India, a good assemblage of wood borers, especially teredinids were collected.  Among these samples, five species of teredinids, namely, Uperotus panamensis (Bartsch), U. lieberkindi (Roch), Teredora malleolus (Turton), Teredo poculifer Iredale and Nototeredo norvagica (Spengler) are new records to India; three species, namely, Teredo mindanensis Bartsch, T. portoricensis Clapp and T. somersi Clapp new to the mainland and one species, namely, Teredothyra matocotana (Bartsch) new to the east coast.  Systematic details of these nine teredinid taxa are presented in this communication.
Mollusca; Bivalvia; Teredinidae