Check List 10(3): 516-523, doi: 10.15560/10.3.516
Angiosperms, Kuhdasht gypsum areas, Lorestan, Iran
expand article infoMohammad Mehdi Dehshiri, Mehri Jozipoor
‡ Islamic Azad University, Iran
Open Access
There is a lack of information on flora of gypsophilous plants in gypsum habitat in Lorestan province. In this paper, we report a species list of the gypsum flora of Kuhdasht, Iran. The study took place between 2009 and 2010. Plant species were identified and their chorology and life form determined through laboratory examinations and using reference books. We recorded about 1,000 specimens belonging to 39 families, 137 genera, and 190 taxa. An overall of 14 taxa (7.36%) are endemic to Iran. Asteraceae (29 taxa), Poaceae (24 taxa), and Fabaceae (19 taxa) were the richest taxa. The two largest genera are Gypsophila L. and Astragalus L., with six and five species, respectively. Irano-Turanian elements were the most dominant chorotypes (48.43%). Also, therophytes (51.58%) and hemicryptophytes (30.53%) were the most abundant life forms.