Check List 10(2): 382-385, doi: 10.15560/10.2.382
First record of Iotabrycon praecox Roberts 1973 (Characidae: Stevardiinae) in the Santa Rosa drainage, southwestern Ecuador
expand article infoWindsor Aguirre, Ronald Navarrete§, Paola Calle|, Gian Carlo Sánchez-Garcés
‡ DePaul University, United States of America§ Universidad Agraria del Ecuador, Ecuador| Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral, Ecuador¶ Fundación Funindes, Grupo de Investigación en Peces Neotropicales, Colombia
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Iotabrycon praecox (Characidae: Stevardiinae) has been reported as endemic to the Guayas River drainage in Western Ecuador since its description in 1973. We collected one specimen of I. praecox in the Santa Rosa River, Santa Rosa drainage, El Oro Province, approximately 144 km south of the Guayas drainage, significantly expanding the known geographic distribution of the species. Given the severe anthropomorphic pressures impacting fishes in Southwestern Ecuador, there is an urgent need to evaluate the present status of I. praecox in the region.
new record; Stevardiinae; Iotabrycon praecox; Ecuador